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Pepperdine President's Son Facing Charges
By Helya Askari
Mar 14, 2013 - 4:11:04 PM

MALIBUChris Benton, the 27 year-old son of Pepperdine President Andrew Benton, could face felony charges in connection with the death of 25-year-old graphic designer Katie Wilkins from April 2012.
Katie Wilkins. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Wilkins’ body was found by her brother, Steve, in the evening hours of April 28, 2012 in the Malibu garage of their parents’ home. Although toxicology reports have shown that Wilkins’ death was a result of a heroin overdose, many questions surrounding her death remain unanswered. 
On the public forum website, Wilkins confirms that after unlocking Katie’s cell phone he uncovered “text messages showing a planned meeting between Kate Wilkins and Chris Benton on April 27th at 8:30PM”. After which, surveillance video from a nearby McDonalds shows Benton entering the passenger seat of Wilkins’ silver BMW in the restaurant’s parking lot at approximately 8:33 a. m. According to the surveillance footage, Benton is the last person to have been seen with Wilkins before her death.

Wilkins’ car was missing at the scene of the crime, and was found a month after her death in the Woodland Hills area. The Wilkins family believes that Benton drove away with Katie’s car, and left her behind in the family’s garage.
Steve Wilkins takes to the website, Websleuth, to say that he is “looking for answers and honest takes” that can lead to more information. He goes on to make several detailed allegations surrounding the events that lead up to his sister’s death. He asserts that the investigation has “revealed strong indications that the [heroin] injection was not self administered.” Detectives have not confirmed such allegations to Canyon News.
The Wilkins family continues to be outspoken in their efforts to seek more answers, and have created the Facebook page, Truth For Katie, dedicated to resolving her case.
Benton is currently serving a two-year sentence for carrying a loaded weapon on to the Malibu campus and making threats against his family last August, as the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Office seeks to charge Benton with felony manslaughter in connection to Wilkins’ death.

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