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Safety Harbor Kids Fundraising Event
By Rosana Clarkson
May 31, 2012 - 2:05:54 AM

MALIBU/PACIFIC PALISADES—Safety Harbor Kids, a Malibu-based nonprofit organization that benefits parent-less, foster and homeless children in the areas of college, career and the arts, is announcing its upcoming fundraising event.

The fundraiser will take place on June 9 at Will Rodgers State Historic Park, located at 1501 Will Rodgers State Park Road in Pacific Palisades,  CA 90272, the site of which is historically known as the former estate of Will Rodgers, renowned actor, humorist, newspaper columnist and polo player.

The June event will feature a game of kings, delicious food, wine, a  celebrity card club, hand-rolled Cuban cigars, a memorabilia auction, a "best hat" contest, a raffle, "members door" prizes and a polo match. 

The Red Carpet at Goodwill Ambassador Awards Ceremony will take place at 1:00 a.m.  Dining and wine-tasting, hand-rolled Leons cigars, card club and auction will take place at 2:00 p.m. 

Costs for general admission are $50 per person;  costs for reserved luncheon admission are $95 per person; costs for a personal table reserved for eight people near a special view of the horses and players are $660 per table.  The proceeds raised will benefit disadvantaged and at-risk children and youth.

A statement at he Safety Harbor Kids website reads, "We focus on improving the lives of more than 2,000 parent-less, foster and homeless children in and around Los Angeles.  The orphans and foster youth we support either have no family or their parents are institutionalized.  They have no role models, little or no family contact and not much hope for the future.  Safety Harbor Kids is here to help break  the vicious cycle of homelessness, poverty and prison that has ensnared these children...When foster children become 18 years old, they are released from their controlled environments out into the world with no support system, no family, no resources.  In fact, 10,000 homeless youth are living on the streets of Los Angeles right now and 60% of them will end up in prison without our help!"

The website reports that the group's founder, John Williams, first envisioned his mission to create S.H.K. when he was 16. 

"Parentless at age nine," the website reads, "John was inspired by a philanthropic family he rented a room from in Malibu to complete high school and college.  He learned manners, family values and respect for others from this family and thought that if he could touch other children's lives in the same way, they, in turn might help other children.  Since the time his life was changed by this family, he vowed to help change others' lives in the same positive reinforcing manner giving needy children the same hope and opportunity that was given to him." 

Those interested in attending the June 9 event, or in sponsoring a child, may visit additional information, call 1-800-277-0497.

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