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Scottie Pippen Sued Over Restaurant Brawl
By Nashfa Hawwa
Jul 11, 2013 - 9:42:30 PM

Former NBA star Scottie Pippen
MALIBU—Former Chicago Bulls NBA star Scottie Pippen, 47, is being sued by a man who claimed that Pippen attacked him in a restaurant brawl on June 23.


Pippen is currently being charged with assault and battery. The victim, Camran Shafighi, had allegedly followed Pippen to the parking lot after having taken pictures of him when he dined with his family at celebrity-hangout restaurant Nobu. Shafighi accused Pippen of spitting on, kicking, and punching him after he allegedly requested for Pippen’s autograph. His attorney, Lee Boyd, said that the victim experienced nausea, headaches, and was subjected to difficulty in breathing as a result of the alleged assault by Pippen.


The $4 million lawsuit filed on Thursday, July 11, in Los Angeles Superior Court says the 49-year-old plaintiff merely requested Pippen for a photograph for his girlfriend's 12-year-old son. The lawsuit states that in response, Shafighi received a "brutal and unjustified physical attack" that left him with a head injury.


"At no time did or could Mr. Shafighi physically provoke or fight back, as he was knocked unconscious with the first blow," the lawsuit claimed.


"We also know that Mr. Pippen's team is releasing unsubstantiated and false reports to the media," Shafighi’s attorney, Lee Boyd, said. According to sources, Mr. Pippen has suggested that the victim used a racial slur prior to this attack.


Witness reports filed to the police on June 23 claimed that Shafighi appeared intoxicated during the incident. Police had reported in June that Pippen had been fully cooperative at the time of the incident. Pippen was not charged or arrested after the incident, but the investigation is still ongoing.


Pippen is currently the special advisor to the Chicago Bulls President and serves as the chief operating officer.

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