Malibu News
Sign Causing Stir In Malibu
By Shelby Stiner
May 30, 2013 - 4:15:04 PM

MALIBUA rooftop sign over a shopping center in Malibu is causing a stir within the nearby community.

Neighbors of the Trancas Country Market are trying to get the market’s rooftop sign, reading “How’s Market,” removed. Neighbors are complaining that the sign blocks ocean views and is illegal according to the Malibu Municipal code.


City staff did not call for the removal of the sign to the Malibu Planning Commission. Instead, it was recommended to the commissioners that the sign should remain and be resurfaced to display the name of the shopping center.
The owner of the Trancas Country Market argues in a letter to the city that the removal of the sign would be “unconstitutional” and an infringement on the first amendment.
The city’s Planning Department is pursuing an amendment that would require nonconforming signs to be removed after a certain time. The report states, “Staff believes this approach is the best approach to getting the sign removed.”

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