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Sisters Plan Benefit Concert In Malibu
By Nedda Alishahi
Apr 2, 2013 - 8:53:13 PM

MALIBU—Cimorelli, a singing group consisting of six sisters, will be performing a free concert at Malibu Bluffs Park on Sunday, May 5. The concert will be to benefit the family of tow truck driver Ronald Carver, 45, who was killed in Malibu on February 11.
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Carver was killed when a passing car struck him on Pacific Coast Highway while he was helping one of the sisters, Katherine Cimorelli, after her car broke down. Carver is survived by his three children and his wife. The park is allowing the singing group to perform free of charge and the concert is also free for anyone to attend. Cimorelli asks that attendees donate what they can as all of the funds raised will go to support Carver’s wife and children.


Katherine Cimorelli posted on her Twitter page a link to a blog she wrote following the incident. The post included a poem she wrote for Carver as well as a description of what happened:


“Last night was by far the worst night I have ever experienced. My car broke down on the side of the road, and as I was getting it towed, the tow truck driver was hit by a woman who was driving erratically. It was a hit and run. We don't know yet if she was under the influence, but she had a history of opiate use and all signs seem to be pointing that way, as she hit a parked car further down the road. She is in the hospital in critical condition, hemorrhaging from the brain.

Please let this be a reminder to drive safely, to abstain from alcohol and drugs, and to appreciate the beating heart in your chest, and the memories and stories pulsing through your veins.”


The benefit concert in Bluffs Park will begin at 4 p.m. on May 5 and anyone who would like to make donations to Carver’s family can use ( or mail donations to: Ron L Carver Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 19247, Newbury Park, CA 91319.

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