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Vehicular Accident On The PCH
By Irena Taylor
Sep 22, 2013 - 4:26:48 AM

State Park Maintenance Worker, Shane Smith
MALIBU—A 56-year-old motorist, Shane Smith, died in a vehicular accident on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Sunday, September 15. Smith was a State Parks maintenance worker and was heading into work on his motorcycle when he had a collision with a Nissan Altima.


The 20-year-old female driver of the Nissan was not injured, but according to paramedics, Smith suffered from blunt force injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene.


The victim’s co-workers were surprised to hear about his accident. Canyon News spoke to Craig Sap who had seen Smith minutes before his accident. A grief counselor visited co-workers the week following his death. Sap described the morning as not particularly foggy, but a little dark and hard to see. He described Smith as a hard worker who was often early to work, and was in fact, early to work the morning of the accident.


Smith joined the San Leo Carillo Parks Maintenance in 2007 as a seasonal worker, but became a permanent member in 2008. Sap described Smith as someone who not only did the job, but did an exceptional one. Smith, despite his quiet demeanor, was also described as a friendly person who was an inspiration to others to do their best when they saw him hard at work; even through his lunch breaks.


He said accidents occurred pretty often, including a few incidents of vehicle roll over, vehicle versus vehicle, and vehicle over the side. Sap did indicate that the City of Malibu was working to make the PCH a safer road to drive on, but they were currently lacking the funding to make it possible.


Investigations by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) did not suggest alcohol or drugs as playing a factor in the accident. The young driver of the Nissan was not arrested, but the accident is still undergoing investigation.

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