Malibu News
Volunteers To Hand Out Parking Tickets
By Nedda Alishahi
Jul 9, 2013 - 8:18:53 PM

MALIBU—The Malibu City Council has authorized volunteers to begin handing out parking tickets to any vehicles parked illegally in the Malibu area.


At present time, volunteers are allowed to hand out warning citations to individuals who are parked illegally or vehicles that overstay their allotted park time. By the middle of summer 2013, volunteers who have been trained and registered with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will be authorized to distribute actual citations.

Volunteers will be handing out parking tickets in Malibu this summer


About 10 volunteers have been authorized to hand out parking tickets to anyone parked illegally at beaches in the Malibu area, including Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove. The new plan will be set in motion to discourage individuals from parking illegally when they go to Malibu beaches. In addition, since the volunteers are working free of charge, the new plan is also expected to bring in revenue for the city.


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