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Vote On Regulation Of Chain Stores Delayed
By Nashfa Hawwa
Aug 31, 2013 - 7:44:18 AM

"Win Back Malibu" courtesy Preserve Malibu
MALIBU—The City Council’s vote has been delayed regarding the proposed ordinance to regulate the number of chain stores in Malibu. The ordinance was proposed to the Malibu Planning Commission on July 29.


The public hearing concerning the ordinance was initially set for September 9, but it has been pushed back to September 23. During the meeting on July 29, the Planning Commission had opposed the retail ordinance with a 4-1 vote claiming that the proposal had flaws that needed further study.


Despite the opposition to the formula ordinance in July, the local community group Preserve Malibu is seeking to put the vote on the local level if the City Council refuses to adopt the ordinance as a law.


If the ordinance is adopted, the size and number of chain stores will be limited within the Civic Center. New chain retailers must apply to use to a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).


The aim of the ordinance was to preserve the unique local flair and character of Malibu by keeping the Civic Center focused on locally owned businesses rather than making it similar to any other city in the United States.


On the Preserve Malibu Coalition page on Facebook, a message was posted on August 29 that stated, “HEADS UP, MALIBU RESIDENTS! Small town politics are at play. Here is a warning - there has been a ”˜missive’ sent to City Hall to send this Formula Ordinance back to committee. We want you to understand City Hall ”˜shorthand!’”˜Back-to-committee’ or ”˜Back-to-be-studied’ are this City's euphemisms for BURY IT, END IT, DESTROY THE FORMULA ORDINANCE. This has been in committee and studied for over SEVEN YEARS. It's time for a YES vote.
Don't be fooled neighbors, it's time to get smart and move into action. Don't be played at City Hall - this is your home, stand up!”


Following the decision by City Hall to postpone the date of the public hearing and the vote, Preserve Malibu Coalition posted again stating, “The City, without informing us, changed the Formula Ordinance Meeting Date. 2 more weeks to rally residents, send out flyers, talk to small businesses and alert the media. Please Join Our Team We Can WIN Malibu Together!”


Preserve Malibu is listed as a community organization and they state that it is a coalition “protecting and cherishing” Malibu.

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