Marathon Running
Making The World A Better Place One Run At A Time
By Lisa Ohlson
Oct 17, 2009 - 8:42:50 AM

MALIBU—Runners are known to be passionate, down-to-earth and driven.  Thousands of these athletes around the country are now using their passion of the sport to raise awareness and funds for countless non-profit organizations.  Others, who may not be motivated to run 26.2 miles for the pure joy of running 26.2 miles, are lacing up their running shoes to take the challenge to run for a greater cause.



Run for a Charity

Charities around the country are now using Marathons as one of their main fundraising events.  According to Runners World, about 7,300 of the 31,000 finishers of the Chicago Marathon ran for charity.  In our neighborhood, the Nautica Malibu Triathlon raised over $1 million for the LA Children’s Hospital this year.   The Malibu International Marathon is now joining the fundraising effort for several charities including the Malibu Boys & Girls Club, Christopher’s Haven, Malibu Green Machine, Malibu Special Education Foundation and the Malibu Shark Fund.  When you register to run the marathon or half marathon you now have the option to join one of these outstanding teams. 


Volunteer at your local Animal Shelter

Have you ever seen a dog sound asleep with their four legs twitching and shaking?  They can only be dreaming about one thing: running!  This is your chance to make their dreams come true. There are hundreds of energetic dogs waiting for the chance to get out of their kennels.  Take two dogs for a mile loop and then come back for two more dogs.  Once you see the next two dogs waiting anxiously for their turn, you may run more than you initially intended.  The weekly runs will not only keep you in great shape, they also will improve your running pal’s chance of getting adopted.  Exercise programs are known to decrease common behavioral problems in dogs.  A wag of the tail and a sloppy kiss on the smacker may be the best thank you for going on a run.


Collect Trash

Running at Zuma Beach is beautiful.  But when you see Subway wrappers, styrofoam cups and other debris blowing around after a great beach day, it really puts a damper on your run.  Next time, pick it up.  There are so many trash receptacles placed on the cement walk along Zuma that you wouldn’t run too far with an old hamburger wrapper in your hand.  This isn’t the most attractive option, but I’m sure the dolphins, sea life and the next runner that jogs along would appreciate your effort.


Volunteer at a Race

This is an outstanding way to help other athletes accomplish their goals.  If you are running the marathon, have your family or friends volunteer.  Marathons would not take place without the hundreds of volunteers that come out to support the event.  There are dozens of opportunities to volunteer at a race.  The Malibu Marathon is looking for volunteers to hand out water along the course, hand out food at the finish line and place medals on athletes as they cross the finish line.  Please email if you are interested in volunteering.  We would greatly appreciate your help. 

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