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Election Results In Melrose
By Camille Sarabia
May 26, 2013 - 5:28:05 PM

MELROSE—On Tuesday, May 21, an election was held at the Poinsettia Park gym for all residents.


Polls were open from 7:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.  Running for Mayor were candidates Eric Garcetti and Wendy Gruel, running for City Attorney were Mike Feuer and Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich and running for City Controller was Ron Galperin and Dennis Zine.

Voter's election results.

The winning candidates for Mayor, City Attorney and City Controller were Eric Garcetti, Mike Feuer and Ron Galperin. 


Propositions D and F were also on the ballot for residents. Proposition D is a pro-regulation of marijuana usage and Proposition F would be against the regulation, which would allow free reign on the amount of stores selling marijuana in the city and neighborhood.


Despite the Supreme Courts decision to ban the selling of marijuana, Los Angeles can still put the decision on their ballot to decide if they want to regulate marijuana usage or not. Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Koretz has written a compromise, one in the form of Proposition D.  Proposition D will allow 135 clinics legal of marijuana sales in Los Angeles.  The proposition will allow those needing marijuana for medical purposes to receive the help they need without breaking any laws and protect the city from over-consumption of marijuana.  


Brad Hertz, an attorney for Proposition D, was recorded saying to City Watch’s Orlov that, “Proposition D is the best way to secure access to medical marijuana.” “If it passes and has the most votes, it means the City Council, if they were to amend or repeal the measure, would have to go to voters for any change,” he added.


David Welch is the attorney supporting Proposition F, which allows marijuana sales to be done under any self-owed properties.  


To Orlov, Welch argues, “If (Proposition) D passes, once the dispensaries close, they will never be allowed to open again, eliminating access forever in the city of Los Angeles.” 


Welch is worried that a minor restriction on marijuana by allowing only 135 sales stations, will soon be limited and limited until marijuana will be illegal in Los Angeles. He is afraid that if marijuana were lessened and lessened, that citizens needing marijuana for medical reason will have to stoop to criminal levels to get the substance that they require. Proposition F holds the point of view that instead of telling a person that they can’t have something and causing them to break the rules to get it anyway, the person should be allowed to choose freely.  

Marijuana voter's election results.

According to results, 380,108 ballots were cast. 193,969 voters (62.57%) voted for marijuana regulation and the compromise of setting up 135 legal marijuana clinics across Los Angeles and 117,305 voters (40.88%) voted to allow marijuana sales across Los Angeles.  


Marijuana sales are regulated and restricted to only 135 clinics.  According to the slim advantage of 193,969 of Los Angeles’ voters, the proposition has been accepted. 

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