Melrose News
Hollywood Club Shooting May Be Gang Related
By Laura L. King
Jan 25, 2008 - 8:26:11 AM

MELROSE”“A man was shot in a possible gang related shooting outside a Hollywood night club on Friday.


The shooting was reported at 12:40 AM at the Larchmont nightclub on Melrose Avenue near Larchmont Boulevard.


Earlier statements from the police said the shooting occurred when two men were fighting over a woman.  One of the men pulled out a gun and fired, shooting the other man in the leg.


The identities of the men and the woman have been withheld, and police have not been able to share much information. This is an ongoing investigation and police do not want any statements to change witnesses’ testimonies about what they saw.  A Hollywood Area police representative was willing to say that they now have suspicions of the shooting being gang related.


The victim, who obtained non life threatening injuries from the shooter’s small caliber gun, was transported to the Hospital.  The shooter got away.


Representatives from the Larchmont club were unavailable for comment.


Several witnesses to the shooting are currently being questioned.

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