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Search For Hiker Larry Conn May Be Over
By Reid Engwall
Jun 27, 2013 - 11:13:57 AM

PACIFIC PALISADES—Last week the remains of hiker Larry Coon, 53, of Pacific Palisades were found after the man had gone missing nearly eight months ago. The possible remains of Conn were found alongside the belongings of the hiker in Inyo County on the weekend of June 15-June 16, 2015, by a search team in Sequoia National Park after the initial rescue effort was called off last October.

Larry Conn, 53, of Pacific Palisades.


Conn’s departure came on October 19, 2012 when he set off on the Taboose Pass Trail on a solo hike. According to reports, one of the first winter storms of the season set in and Conn was reported overdue by friends on the night of October 23.


A search effort of 56 personnel including 10 ground search teams, three dog teams, and five helicopters began on the morning of the October 24 and continued until October 31 when the search was suspended, due to the difficulty of the terrain and the increasingly harsh weather conditions.


The search for Conn was picked up again by a team from multiple agencies including the National Park Service, the Inyo County SAR, and the Sierra Madre Mountain Rescue Team on June 9, 2013, after a shoe similar to that of the pair that Conn was wearing was found off the main trail near Taboose Pass.


After a redirecting of the search to the specific area surrounding the Taboose Trail Pass, a windblown tent, a back pack, and other items were found among what the team believed to be human remains. One of the other items found was an iPhone that has been identified as belonging to Conn and contained pictures of the snow storm that Conn is believed to have been caught in.


Full contents of the phone have not been released to the public as of yet, but information regarding the tent and the backpack has come to light. Both of which were torn open when found.


The Inyo County Coroner’s Office has not been available for comment. The supposed remains of Conn remain in Inyo County as DNA testing is being carried out. Official confirmation on the remains has yet to come, but the discovery of them among the possessions Conn left make officials believe the missing hiker has been found.

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