Pacific Palisades News
Spring Break Parties Dispersed By Police
By Victoria Pombeiro
Apr 3, 2012 - 1:48:54 PM

PACIFIC PALISADES—Police arrested dozens of youths over spring break weekend, after several Westside parties got out of control.

On Friday, March 30, a teenager in Pacific Palisades advertised the fact that his parents were on vacation in Hawaii via social media.

The prospect of an unsupervised house attracted more than a dozen of the boy’s friends, who broke into his house, drank alcohol, and stole several laptop computers along with other technical equipment.


Police arrested 11 juveniles and two young adults during the incident.

Police shut down a second party in Beverly Hills on Saturday, March 31, which then moved to the 1300 block of Holmby Avenue in Holmby Hills.

The party, also believed to be publicized via social media, attracted an estimated 500 people. Numerous youths were cited for possession of marijuana and smoking paraphernalia, and curfew violations.

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