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Affordable Parking For Disabled Residents
By Shine Huang
Apr 22, 2013 - 6:55:59 AM

Disabled parking spot. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

SANTA MONICASanta Monica City Council approved the issue to set a new parking rate at the lowest available price in downtown for those who are disabled and living in 100% affordable housing units when there is no available parking site.

According to the meeting, the lowest rate will be set at $65 per month. This policy change will benefit many community members with no doubt. City staff stated, those with disabled placards have more financial problems than those who did not and the policy is being implemented to better assist the community.

The city approved a residential building at Second Street without any onsite parking after the developer, Community Corporation of Santa Monica, paid fees to the Downtown Parking District.

Those people who live in a 100 percent affordable housing unit with disable placards, in the downtown core and cannot afford an onsite parking space will only pay $65 per month in the future instead $160 per month in the past.

For more information, you can go to Santa Monica City Council, or call 310-458-8201.

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