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An Eco-Friendly Shopping Experience
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Oct 9, 2012 - 3:01:53 PM

SANTA MONICA—The name "Clean Spirited" came across a group of people dedicated to make a difference in our environment and inspire others to do so as well. Although it can be difficult to maintain a line of product alternatives that are eco-friendly, the Clean Spirited team works hard to always stay green.

"We have all been interested in our world and how everyone's purchases can affect it. That's when we decided to have all eco-friendly products on one website to provide an easier shopping experience," said Therese Metzler, the company's Merchandising Director.

Clean Spirited launched merely two years ago and has flourished ever since more and more people began to take an active role in the environment's health. "We started off really small and most of what we offered were yoga and sportswear. Now, we have dresses, home dé cor and products for men and kids as well," Metzler said.

A fair amount of research is required when adding a new line of products and they are rated based on their ability to pass the five-point clean rating. The products' brand is looked into to verify if it is natural, recycled, local, supports fair trade and has a humanitarian aspect.

Additionally, every dollar of every purchase made at Clean Spirited's website will be donated to a charity or other organization that supports the environment. The site also offers recyclable shopping bags and free shipping for over $30 purchases. The website explains that "it's hard to live a fully impact free life. We all make a dent in the great green earth. Every little bit we can do to help is better for the greater good."

One of the new lines that was added to the website, KindLabel, features clothing such as pullovers, sweatshirts and a variety of "comfortable yet pretty clothes with fun sayings such as 'Music is my refuge'" said Metzler. For each sale by KindLabel, the brand gives back to a humanitarian charity that pertains to what is written on the clothing.

"My favorite line of products right now is by FrockLA," said Metzler. "The dresses are sexy with a body conscious style. There are long dresses for more elegant events as well as shorter dresses and they are all made of bamboo."

The Clean Spirited team works from home in order to "decrease [their] carbon footprint" and provide shoppers with a multitude of brands that are both stylish and a beneficial alternative. Take advantage of the opportunity to look great and feel even better by knowing your purchase can make a difference to the environment.

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