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Beautify Lincoln Street Art Project
By Alice Perez
Sep 4, 2013 - 6:05:05 PM

Local artists joined creative forces to paint a 4-block stretch of Lincoln Boulevard.
SANTA MONICA- An army of local artists joined their creative forces this year with paint buckets and brushes in-hand raided the lackluster walls and buildings within a 4-block stretch of Lincoln Boulevard as part of the “Beautify Lincoln.”

Canyon News spoke with the head-in-command Evan Meyer who curated “Beautify Lincoln,” talked about how art unites people from all walks of life and reversing the broken window effect. Art has the capacity of uniting people of low and high socioeconomic status,” said Meyer.

Meyer inspired by “Burning Man” and the colorful walls of Wynwood, Miami, brought along his imaginative and do-it-yourself spirit to the blank streets of Santa Monica, as an urban improvement and a streetscape beautification project. “Everyone respects art,” said Meyer.

For years what residents saw as a run-down Lincoln Boulevard with trash-filled alleys, cracked sidewalks, and flaked storefront signs, Meyers pictured the neighborhood as a white canvas ready to be filled with a touch of color. With a plan in-hand to bring art to the blank streets of Santa Monica. “It was a regular commercial cesspool”¦everything was falling apart,” said Meyer.

Ten-months ago Meyer began rallying up troops of volunteer artists, rolled up their sleeves, and started painting their masterpieces on the façade of several businesses like Printing Palace, Auto Upholstery Service, and The Novel Café, and more.

Meyer is calling all artists to help in beautifying their neighborhoods from lending a helping with their artistic talents, to donating money, to making sure to pick up trash left behind and has a 3-word message to the community about Beautify Lincoln is “Do-it-yourself effort, gifting, and community,” said Meyer. Each mural has a distinct style varying from each artist’s hand, with wall-to-wall murals of eye-catching whimsical patterns and picturesque outdoor sceneries with each artist’s signature painted on the left-hand corner of their portraits. “I plan to paint as many walls as possible”¦I see this as just the beginning,” said Meyer.


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