Santa Monica News
Bergamot Plan Nearly Complete
By Sebastian Sarti
Jul 10, 2013 - 5:14:45 PM

SANTA MONICA—On Wednesday, July 10, Santa Monica’s Planning Commission deliberated on whether to recommend the final draft of the Bergamot Area Plan to the City Council.


The Bergamot Area Plan was designed to transform the former industrial area of Santa Monica into a more art focused area. The area being discussed is between Pico Boulevard and the Santa Monica Freeway. Planners are hoping to make the area a more commercial district.

Part of the plan depends on the currently under construction Expo Light Rail, which should open in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station in 2016. The rail would connect Bergamot to Culver City and Downtown Los Angeles. It should drive more foot traffic to the Bergamot area.

In addition to the Expo Light Rail, the new plan calls for 10 new streets and 15 new pathways for pedestrians and bicycle pathways. The plan also hopes to increase jobs in the area by a significant amount.

Once the Bergamot Area is completed, it would be Santa Monica’s first new neighborhood since World War II. Some of the issues raised while planning the new neighborhood included whether the plan was too strict, whether there would be enough affordable housing, and how large the units would be.

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