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Charlie Sheen Donates To Alma Mater
By Irena Taylor
Jan 30, 2014 - 11:16:17 AM

Charlie Sheen donated a pitching machine to Santa Monica High.
SANTA MONICA—Actor Charlie Sheen displayed his generosity by donating a pitching machine to his alma mater. The Anger Management star has donated thousands of dollars over the years to the baseball program that he was once a part of.


According to ESPN, Sheen “played shortstop and pitched for Santa Monica High School, which fielded an excellent team in the early 1980s. He made the Vikings varsity his junior year.” According to an LA Times interview from 1989, Sheen was offered a scholarship to play Pro-Ball with the University of Kansas, but he remarked that he had no regrets about turning down the offer.


The pitching machine was held in high esteem, as members of the current baseball team crowded around for a picture.  Late last year, Sheen donated $50,000 to the charity, My Friends Place, which helps the homeless youth in Hollywood. 

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