Santa Monica News
Council Wants To Regulate Outdoor Exercise
By Nedda Alishahi
Apr 23, 2013 - 9:42:44 PM

SANTA MONICA—On Tuesday, April 23, the Santa Monica City Council met to decide on placing certain regulations on outdoor exercise.


Boot camps and outdoor fitness classes have become increasingly popular over the years and Council members are weighing whether or not they should place certain rules and restrictions on such outdoor activities. Some of the proposed changes include a $100 permit fee as well as a 15% revenue charge when using sites such as Palisades Park for fitness instruction.

Outdoor exercise has become increasingly popular in LA: Courtesy of Twitter


The proposal was first issued in April of last year, but fitness instructors are concerned about how this will affect their incomes and businesses. Other proposals in the ordinance include limiting group classes to less than 150 people and allowing only two individuals to participate in private classes. Council also wants to prohibit using weights that are more than 25 lbs during outdoor exercise.


If the proposal is approved, fitness classes would be restricted at Muscle Beach Park, Park Drive Park, Ozone Park, Schader Park, Pacific Street Park, Joslyn Park, and Euclid Park.


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