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City Passes Outdoor Fitness Regulations
By Amanda Macke
Oct 9, 2013 - 2:56:06 PM

SANTA MONICA—The city council passed an ordinance regulating the commercial use of Santa Monica parks for outdoor fitness or athletic training during their meeting on Tuesday, October 8.


The ordinance requires commercial fitness or athletic instruction, classes or camps in parks and on the beach to register for a permit and pay use charges, according to the city council website.

Sunday Trainings will be banned at Palisades Park.

Canyon News spoke with Community Recreation Manager Kathy LePrevost who said residents and trainers providing public comment during the meeting focused mostly on the Palisades Park. According to LePrevost, there seemed to be an even mix of those in favor and those against the park regulations. “Many voiced concern the Palisades Park landmark should be used for less commercial activity,” whereas others “thought the park should be available for all uses and that there is a benefit for people to workout outdoors,” LePrevost said.


After deliberation, the council voted to pass the ordinance, including the staff recommendations to revise the fee structure and ban hours. LePrevost said the amendments “change instructors’ use charge from a percentage to a staggered flat rate” allowing “one-on-one trainers to have a lower charge rate than big groups.”


The amendments also “ban fitness instruction after 9 p.m. at all Santa Monica parks” and “prohibit instruction at Pacific Palisades Park on Sundays,” LePrevost said.


The Community Recreation Manager emphasized that the ordinance “does not stop the average citizen from going to the park to workout, but applies only to businesses who are making money using the parks.”


The second reading of the amended ordinance takes place on October 22. Next month, LePrevost said the city will begin setting up the program and providing public outreach to educate and allow instructors time to submit permit applications before January 2014 when the ordinance takes effect.

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