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Commuters Opt For Eco-Friendly Bike Trains
By Charlie Anderson
Jul 18, 2013 - 10:05:38 AM

SANTA MONICACyclists have taken to the streets for an environmentally friendly approach to the daily commute. LA Bike Trains are lauded as a safe and enjoyable alternative, with routes spanning LA County.

LA Bike Trains' tweeted excitedly about their two-month anniversary on Thursday, July 18. Bike trains reduce the harmful emissions of a daily driving commute while addressing cycling problems such as safety, and unfamiliarity with the city.

Betsy Medvedovsksy, Route 6
Riding in greater numbers promotes awareness amongst drivers. The pace is slow and steady, so no one has to worry about getting left behind or becoming less than presentable before work. As a first-timer, the conductors at LA Bike Trains will guide a new cyclist to their nearest route, and from the route to their place of employment.

Conductors are not only well-versed in the layout of the city, but are enthusiastic cycling aficionados. Nona Varnado, conductor of Route 002, is the designer of a cycling and running apparel line, as well as the editor of a women’s cycling blog, Christopher Lovejoy, conductor of Route 005, is consistently tweeting positive reviews and charming images from his route. “The best part of my day: Route 005 Westlake to Long Beach is rolling out. This weather + my bike = joy.”

Routes and conductors are as follows:

Route 001: Silver Lake to Hollywood; Bruce Chan

Route 002: Hollywood to Downtown; Nona Varnado
Route 003: Silver Lake to Santa Monica; Wes High

Route 004: Silver Lake to Downtown; Alex Rixey

Route 004 (Alt.): Silver Lake to Downtown; Kelli Bachmann and Kelly Majewski

Route 005: MacArthur Park to Long Beach; Christopher Lovejoy

Route 006: Cyprus Park to Mid-Wilshire; Betsy Medvedovsky

Route 007: North Hollywood to Van Nuys; Paul Des Marais
Route 008: West Adams to Culver City; Michael MacDonald

Most routes take place on bike lanes. Some share the road with automobiles at times, while others, like the Santa Monica route, take place almost entirely sans bike lanes.

Interested participants, as well as possible new conductors should visit and fill out their name, phone number (so that riders can text conductors if they will be late), and the route they are interested in joining.

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