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Dee Wallace Signs Her Book At Local Library
By Tommy Garrett
Jun 22, 2011 - 4:43:31 PM

SANTA MONICA—Dee Wallace inspires readers to turn up their heart-entered bright light to live a brilliant life. “Bright Light” (O-Books/$16.95) takes readers along on Wallace’s emotional, spiritual and professional journey but even as we cheer for her triumphs and grieve for her unbearable losses, she doesn't allow us to sit on the sidelines as merely an audience to her life. Rather she uses her journey as a metaphor for always expanding the lessons she experienced in her own life to a larger wisdom valuable for all of us.


Her gifted writing is inclusive, reaching out to connect with readers as with unflinching honesty she takes responsibility for the manifestation of pain and disappointments in her life, as well as the creation of love and happiness for its joys and successes. And she beckons her readers, who almost imperceptibly recognize their own journey, to learn from the spiritual lessons, which are the focus of each chapter.


Famed psychic John Edward tells Canyon News, “Dee Wallace is a ”˜must’ experience. She is a spiritual archaeologist that helps you dig at core issues. Whether it is live, in print - as in her compelling spiritual memoir ”˜Bright Light’ - or via the web, her healing words and energy will help you to excavate core truths to live a more balanced life. Many teach, but only a few can help others to transcend,” said Edward the host of TV’s “Crossing Over.”

WHAT: Dee is a true tour de force, working with every kind of co-star from “Cujo” to “Lassie,” as well as countless directors, producers and some of Hollywood’s biggest names, who personalities fell somewhere between the two, including Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Stephen King and Blake Edwards. Wallace became an icon in the role that would define motherhood for a generation, as Mary in Stephen Spielberg’s “ET: The Extraterrestrial.” Her 130 films range from some of the scariest to some of the funniest ever made. She has starred in four television series and more than 400 commercials and is one of Hollywood's most sought-after TV guest stars. A beloved acting coach, she is also an internationally known healer, with two global radio shows and a series of healing seminars.

WHERE: Santa Monica Library - 601 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica

WHEN: Tuesday, July 26 at 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. - For more info call 310-458-8600

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