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Fashion Meets Art On The Runway
By Robert Meyers
Nov 19, 2012 - 6:18:41 PM

SANTA MONICAThe Jeanie Madsen Gallery in downtown Santa Monica hosted a collision of art, music and fashion on Thursday, November 15; celebrating a display of mixed media pieces and fashion designs by Jeanie Madsen.
Jeanie Madsen (center) with models wearing her newest fashion line.

Madsen is coming back from a two-year hiatus from her fashion designing, when she contributed the majority of her time to her gallery.

“Now that the gallery has been up and running for three and a half years, it’s time for me to come back, “ said Madsen, after unveiling her new line. “This [Fashion] line was actually clothes that I myself would like to wear, but could not find. My inspiration as a designer would be Chanel, but I am more like a casual Chanel, it is all about being flattering but comfortable on the body.”

“Fashion Meets Art On the Runway” was an event abuzz with art patrons admiring and discussing the art pieces  by various artists utilizing a cornucopia of mixed media styles.

Dasha Gulliam ”“ a Laguna Beach based artist ”“ showed pieces from her art series; Horizons, “This is my first show with the Jeanie Madsen Gallery, which I am really excited to be a part of, because [the gallery] has a really amazing vibe, it’s a really welcoming and engaging family.”

Dasha takes scoops of sand from a local beach and incorporates it into her art, “When I observe the people looking at my pieces [they] want to reach out and touch them, people respect [my work] because they know they are not supposed to, but they can’t resist it.  To me, that gives me great satisfaction.   [My work] doesn’t just provoke the visual feeling,  [people] actually reach out for it; To me that’s succeeding as an artist,” said Dasha.

Among the artists contributing to the show is John Park, “I wanted to do a painting that another artist couldn’t just immediately reverse engineer.”

Park’s work comes from a disillusionment of traditional art pieces, and seek to create works that don’t “fall flat” when viewed up close  “I would see a painting and love it, and study it in school, then I would go and see a painting in a museum, and as soon as I got up close to it.   It just fell apart;  I realized that I wanted to develop a style that read from any distance.”

Jon finds a kind of in the moment working style that he discovered through live painting. While he always knows what the subject of his painting will be, he lets the medium he paints on dictate what it will become with multi-layered macroscopic detail.

“If you saw it from 50 feet away the colors and the composition would capture you. And if you came up to it from 6 feet away, then the content and the narrative would capture you; And if you decided to come up close to it and look at it from one or two feet away, with a magnifying glass then the deep textures would capture you. I basically wanted to create a painting that the opposite effect of what I felt, the closer you get to it the more there is to look at it.”

Attendees of Fashion of the Runway enjoying the event. (Credit: Robert L. Meyers)

As attendees viewed the visual works, they listened to the musical styling of DJ Mr. Numberonederful and an opening introduction to the fashion show on the runway by recording artist Emma Winkler.

The Event “Fashion Meets Art On the Runway” was a charitable event held in conjunction with ArtistPalooza Non-Profit and A New Beautiful to benefit Artists Helping Teens.

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