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"James Bond" Murder Suspect Violent Past
By Michael Lambrose
Oct 18, 2012 - 2:50:15 PM

SANTA MONICAThe Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office recently filed a motion to admit new evidence in the case of Julianna Redding’s murder.  In the motion, the DA’s office alleges that Kelly Soo Park, suspected murderer of former Maxim model and Santa Monica resident Julianna Redding has a history of intimidation and violence.  The document proposes that Park acted as “muscle” for Dr. Uwaydah, a recent Lebanese refugee, who was business partners with Redding’s father.

Dr. Uwaydah

According to court documents, Redding, who was briefly romantically involved with Dr. Uwaydah prior to learning that he was married and had children, introduced the doctor to her father in 2007.  Her father then joined Dr. Uwaydah in a pharmaceutical venture.  However, after an investigation into Dr. Uwaydah’s practice by the California Board of Medical Examiner, both Redding and her father withdrew from the enterprise, fearing that it was an illegal operation.

On March 11, 2008, shortly after Mr. Redding withdrew from the business venture, Julianna Redding was found strangled to death in her Santa Monica apartment on March 16, 2008.  DNA evidence and cell phone records, according to the DA, support the theory that Park, who was an assistant for Dr. Uwaydah and who he referred to as “James Bond,” was involved in the murder.  The DA has offered up other instances in which Park has acted as “muscle” for the doctor.  In one occasion, Park allegedly extorted money out of one of Dr. Uwaydah’s former business partners in a horse-breeding company.  Park, however, was never charged for this alleged crime.  Park was arrested by authorities on June 17, 2010 alongside suspect Ronnie Wayne Case of Camarillo, in connection to Redding's murder.

Julianna Redding in Maxim photo-shoot
Julianna Redding was born in Tucson, Arizona.  She gained her stardom from starring in the 2005 movie “Kathy T” and being named a Maxim Hometown Hottie.  At the time of her murder, she was romantically involved with “Cougar Town” actor Brian Van Holt.

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