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New Santa Monica Law Aimed At Party House
By Michael Lambrose
Nov 15, 2012 - 1:25:45 PM

SANTA MONICA”“The Santa Monica City Council unanimously passed a new zoning ordinance for the city on Wednesday, November 13.  The new ordinance would prevent any single family residential property to be used for commercial purposes as an “event facility.”
House of Rock

The adoption of the new ordinance is the latest in the nearly two months long battle between The House of Rock located at 2009 La Mesa Drive and its surrounding neighbors.  According to city documents, the property was used to throw parties for its owner.  The parties were meant to be a marketing tool for her business which flips luxury homes.  According to the testimony of neighbors, the parties were so large that streets were often blocked by parked cars.  Furthermore drunken guests reportedly plagued the neighborhood and the noise from the parties lasted late into the night.

The issue first came before the Santa Monica City Council on October 2, but no action was taken.  On October 23, neighbors testified before the City Council—discussing how the House of Rock affected their lives.  Since their testimony, there has been one more party at the property; however, government officials who observed the party noted that besides the few occasional spikes in noise, there were no other infractions. 

According to the new ordinance, any violation could result in a $1,000 fine, or six months in jail or both.   A violation can occur any time there is an event at a single family property in which the number of guests exceed 150 people.

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