Santa Monica News
Pilot Named A Hero
By Stephen Manning
Aug 12, 2012 - 11:00:19 AM

WEST LOS ANGELES—Sean McMillan, the 70 year old lawyer and pilot who was killed on impact when his plane crashed in a residential neighborhood at 6:15p.m. on Friday, is being called a hero by witnesses and friends.


According to a spokesman with the Federal Aviation Administration, McMillan radioed the control tower at Santa Monica Airport declaring an emergency shortly after taking off. A few minutes after the radio transmission, witnesses report seeing a Cessna 210 flying low before crashing into an empty intersection.


A wall enclosing a front yard was damaged when the plane crashed, as well as a palm tree which caught fire when the plane went up in flames. The crash site was either very lucky, or McMillan managed to set his plane down in an area without pedestrians, avoiding any casualties other than his own. According to NBC, neighbors claimed McMillan would have tried to avoid crowded areas to protect people on the ground.


McMillan was a lawyer at Greenberg Traurig, and often volunteered with Angel Flight.

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