Santa Monica News
Residential Smoking Ban Voted Down
By Stephen Angulo
Jul 25, 2012 - 5:17:49 PM

The city's proposed ban on smoking
The city's proposed ban on smoking in apartment and condominium complexes was voted down at a City Council meeting Tuesday Night.

While council members still expressed desire to pass a ban on smoking in some form, the ordinance was voted down due in part to concerns about medical marijuana smokers and privacy issues regarding the proposal's "Designate and disclose" stipulations.

The proposed ban, which was initially passed on July 10, would have required that all new apartment and condominium units be designated as non-smoking residences, enforced by fines up to $500. 

Current tenants would still be free to smoke, but would have been required to notify their landlords to have their residences designated as smoking units. 
Landlords would then be required to distribute a map of residents who smoke to all tenants in their building. 

One council member raised concerns that requiring smokers to be listed would be a violation of privacy.

The ordinance was voted down by a vote of 4-2. Council members expressed interest in approving a retooled proposal pending more research, though a specific date was not given

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