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SMFD Captain To Be Honored
By Sebastian Sarti
May 22, 2013 - 5:08:34 PM

SANTA MONICA—On Wednesday, May 15, the Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency honored Santa Monica Fire Department’s Captain Jerry Parker for his 39 years of service to the public as a paramedic.
Captain Parker, third from right bottom row, graduating.


Captain Jerry Parker began his service with the Santa Monica Fire Department in May of 1972. While Captain Parker has served the Santa Monica Fire Department for 41 years, the service honored him specifically for his work as a paramedic. He attended and completed Paramedic Training in 1974 along with five other Santa Monica Fire Department firefighters.


Captain Parker and the other firefighters that had completed Paramedic Training were assigned to Engine 4, which was the first paramedic unit in Santa Monica. This unit was not only historic for Santa Monica, it also aided in setting an example for fire departments across the nation. The Santa Monica Fire Department was the first fire department in the nation to have paramedics in fire engines. This style of paramedic response has since become the standard for most fire departments across the country.


After 40 years in the fire department, Captain Parker continues to serve the people of Santa Monica by vigilantly maintaining his paramedic license. Currently his responsibilities include purchasing and maintaining the fire equipment for vehicles in SMFD.

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