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Santa Monica Assault Suspect In Custody
By Michael Lambrose
Nov 1, 2012 - 1:21:53 PM

SANTA MONICA—On Monday, October 29, Anthony Tigran Arutunian was charged for the July 11 assault and attempted robbery of a woman on her way to work.  The crime occurred at 9:00 a.m. on July 11 at an office building at 429 Santa Monica Blvd.

Arutunian allegedly assaulted a female victim in the parking garage elevator as she arrived for work.  According to the victim, Arutunian began attacking her as soon as the elevator doors closed; however, she was able to fight him off, and when the elevator stopped a few floors up, he fled the scene.  During the altercation, Arutunian allegedly threatened the victim with sexual violence, yet, as of this time, no sexual assault charges have been filed against him.  His threats make the assault with intent to commit a felony, a sex crime.

For nearly three months, there seemed to be little progression in the case.  The suspect remained unidentified until October 23, when Los Angeles Crime Lab finished their examination of DNA evidence collected at the scene.  After sending a list of possible suspects to investigators, authorities determined that the 23 year-old Whittier resident, Arutunian, fit the description given by witnesses.

Arutunian, whose Twitter account read “MONEY OVER EVERYTHIN [sic] EXCEPT ME,” was arrested early in the morning on October 25.  He has declined to post his bail set at $135,000 and is currently being held at Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles.  Arutunian is due back in court on November 28.

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