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City Working To Improve Walking Environment
By Sebastian Sarti
Jun 10, 2013 - 9:26:41 PM

SANTA MONICA—In an effort to improve pedestrian safety and the enjoyment of walking, the city of Santa Monica is inviting its residents and tourists to share any ideas they may have on making walking safer and more enjoyable throughout Santa Monica.
Walking On The Promenade

Santa Monica’s featured question of the week is, “What ideas do you have for programs or events to ensure that older adults, young people, and others who cannot or choose not to drive can enjoy walking as a safe and viable form of transportation?” To post answers to this and other questions, people should go to

The benefits of participating in the Pedestrian Action Plan are touted as being two-fold. Firstly, participants will gain the satisfaction of knowing they helped improve Santa Monica by making it a more pedestrian friendly city. Secondly, participants on the survey will become eligible for prizes.

Last week’s winner, Jeremy Sommer, won a $5 gift card for answering “If there was one symbol that represented walking in Santa Monica, what would it look like, and what would you name it?”

The Pedplan website has many topics concerning walking in Santa Monica. They focus on issues such as where safety improvements are most needed and where is it most popular for people to walk.

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