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Santa Monica Chaplain Retires
By Irena Taylor
Oct 2, 2013 - 2:36:06 PM

SANTA MONICA—After 35 years with the Santa Monica police department, Chaplain Clarence Crites retired on Wednesday, September 25. Canyon News contacted Sergeant Jay Moroso to discuss details on Crites’ time with the Santa Monica Police Department.


“Chaplain Crites was able to help members of our police department in times of emotional need or crisis.  He was a guiding voice from outside of the City government that employees could talk to and who could provide guidance from a different perspective, other than their peers.  Many members have benefited from the three plus decades that he worked with us. If there was a significant emotional event that occurred in Santa Monica or within an employee’s life, Reverend Crites was always there to help.”

Chaplain Clarence Crites. Photo courtesy of SMPD.


Chaplain Crites also managed to break ground in the Chaplaincy Program at the police department to include all faiths, according to a press release from the Santa Monica Police Department’s website. He was admired for his ”˜spiritual insight, support, and his calming demeanor.’


During Chaplain Crites’ tenure, the chaplaincy program was expanded to a multiple faith based program that includes 8 chaplains,” said Sgt. Moroso. Before his time with the Santa Monica Police Department, Crites was a Senior Pastor at the Church of the Nazarene for 35 years; in his time there, he included services for the Spanish-speaking community.

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