Santa Monica News
Santa Monica Gets New High-Tech Trash Bins
By Sami Mello
Mar 20, 2013 - 2:31:34 PM

SANTA MONICAThe streets of Santa Monica are littered with joggers, dogs, workers, pedestrians and traffic, but not trash.
BigBelly Containers. Photo courtesy of City of Santa Monica.

Last week, the city installed 13 solar-powered trash bins on Main Street near restaurants and shops where a high amount of foot traffic occurs.

The trashcans are supposed to reduce the amount of waste that ends up on the street because they automatically compact and alert the city's Resource Recovery & Recycling Division when the bin is full and a pick up is needed.

City officials said the smart bins will also cut down on the use of fuel-guzzling garbage trucks and weekly collection trips.

The new trash bins were created by Massachusetts-based company, BigBelly and were purchased for about $99,000.

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