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City Recognized By Public Technology Institute
By Nashfa Hawwa
Aug 22, 2013 - 2:38:04 AM

Web 2.0
SANTA MONICA Santa Monica has just become one of the few local governments to use technology to enhance democratic means amongst its citizens, according to the nonprofit Public Technology Institute (PTI).


The Public Technology Institute elected Santa Monica’s “Be Excited Be Prepared” campaign for its vigilant use of social media tools to reach out to the community and for its effective use in engaging citizens in discussions and disputes regarding important decisions about the community such as the major construction projects that are happening around town.


The city was also recognized by the Public Technology Institute as one of nine governments in the United States that uses “Web 2.0,” an effective technological application that allows residents to interact with city departments using more than 180 social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Web 2.0 allows City Hall to engage with residents about the processes of city governance by making it more transparent through social media tools. It also makes it easier for citizens to be updated about major projects such as construction projects, events or new information. Furthermore, it serves as a channel for city officials to receive feedback, criticism or suggestions from residents as well.


Apart from the web technologies, there are also mobile versions of the site that uses GPS to direct a visitor to their location of interest as well provide information that is relevant to their surroundings.


There is also a Buy Local Site that allows visitors to scan local businesses in Santa Monica, as well as a Public Electronic Network (PEN), a virtual town hall that became the first online public forum run by a city government since its initiation in 1989.

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