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Santa Monica Shooting Premeditated
By Nedda Alishahi
Jun 8, 2013 - 10:44:34 PM

SANTA MONICA—The shooting that took place in Santa Monica on Friday, June 7, and claimed four lives is now being called a premeditated incident. Because the shooter was armed and wearing a protective vest, officials believe the shootings were planned and well-thought out beforehand.


The shooter reportedly had 1,300 rounds of ammunition as well as several weapons, including some sort of assault rifle. During a press conference earlier today, officials said that the suspect had been involved in an incident in 2006, but because he had been a minor at the time no information was released.

Video surveillance captured the suspect entering the college library: Photo courtesy of Santa Monica Police Department

The suspect has reportedly been identified, but the name will not be released to the public until officials inform his next of kin.


Police responded to the shootings that began just before noon on Friday, June 7, when shots were heard near Santa Monica College. Police officers found a house near the college on fire and upon extinguishing the flames, they found two dead bodies inside.


The shooter reportedly fled the scene of the fire and ran towards the college, shooting at a passing bus and vehicles before making his way to the library where he was gunned down by police officers. Four were killed as a result of the shootings and five were injured.

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