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Santa Monica Trailer Park To Be Demolished
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Nov 28, 2012 - 7:29:36 PM

SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica City Council gave their final approval on Tuesday, November 27 to an ordinance that is set to replace one of the city's last remaining trailer parks with hundreds of new homes.
The Village Trailer Park will become a 377-unit housing development. Photo courtesy of the city of Santa Monica.

Council members voted 4-2 to demolish the Santa Monica Village Trailer Park on the 2900 block of Colorado Avenue. The trailer park is home to 36 residents which is half the number of residents than in 2006 when the developer, Marc Luzzatto, took over. In its place Luzzatto plans to build 161 apartments and 216 condominiums, 16 of which will be low-income units. It will also feature thousands of square feet of retail and office space.

Some residents are upset over the council decision as they believe they deserve higher payouts and more affordable units in the planned development. A group of neighbors have expressed their concerns as well stating that there may be an increase in traffic. They do not believe that the supporter's argument that the project will coincide with the 2016 opening of the Expo Line light rail in Santa Monica is a sufficient solution to the potential problem.

Supporters of the project state they have done more than what the law requires to ease the resident's transition and gave them several years warning. Various tenants agree that Luzzatto has done an efficient job with their compensations for the transition and testified on his behalf during an eight-hour council meeting earlier this month.

The project also responded to concerns at a public hearing in July by reducing the size of the project by eight percent and keeping ten mobile-home spaces in the area.

Those who will remain in the area are allowed to either move into a new trailer a few blocks away at Mountain View Trailer Park at the developer's expense or they can move to an affordable rental unit and receive a payment of $20,000.

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