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Santa Monica Wakes To Odor
By Luis Cuevas
Mar 5, 2013 - 7:42:35 PM

SANTA MONICA—On Monday March 4, residents awoke to a foul smell in the area. The Santa Monica Fire and Hazardous Material Team took readings and found methane in the water.


The horrible odor circulating around the city was due to methane coming from the Pacific Ocean according to authorities. Communications officer Justin Walker from The Santa Monica Fire and Hazardous Team said the amounts of methane were too small to be any threat to health of the residents of Santa Monica. Walker indicated the cause was likely a geologic event in the ocean.

Santa Monica


The Santa Monica Fire Department released a statement on Monday about the smell.  "This morning there was a large release of natural ocean floor methane released in the Santa Monica Bay. As a result, there was a strong odor of gas found around the city. This methane is not toxic and dissipates quickly." The foul odor dissipated midway throughout the day.

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