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Santa Monica's Tire Recycling Program
By Sami Mello
Mar 25, 2013 - 10:23:47 AM

SANTA MONICAStaying true to its eco-friendly roots, the city has initiated a new recycling program that will find new uses for old, discarded rubber tires.

After obtaining a grant from the State of California’s Tire Derived Product Grant program, the City of Santa Monica’s Resource Recovery & Recycling Division is now recycling tires into crumb rubber for use in everyday items around the city.
Rubber Sidewalk. Photo courtesy of City of Santa Monica Public Works: Civil Engineering.

City officials started thinking of innovative ways to recycle rubber back in 2000, when they began mixing ground-up rubber with concrete to create a new, longer-lasting asphalt.

Since then, the city initiated the Annual Streets Repaving Project aimed at recycling rubber tires for use in sidewalks and streets.

According to the City of Santa Monica's engineering division, 4,000 tons or 700,000 tires have been saved from being dumped illegally, at landfills or prevented from incineration.

Now, city engineers are using tires to create rubber bumpers, curb ramps and sections of the Boardwalk to the Sea. Rubber bumpers are installed on public trashcans to prevent damage to surrounding walls and doors, therefore, maintaining the attractiveness of the city.

Curb ramps are fastened out of recycled rubber and are used to aid the pushing and pulling of heavy dumpsters, on and off, the sidewalk. These small, rubber devices have cut down on injuries to city staff involved in waste collection, according to previous reports.

Lastly, recycled rubber tires have been installed on the boardwalk north of the Santa Monica Pier that will allow disabled persons access to the beach. 

With an estimated 40 million scrap tires generated by Americans every year, Santa Monica city engineers are thinking of new and inventive ways to reuse recycled materials.

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