Santa Monica News
Village Trailer Park's Final Days
By Sami Mello
Mar 20, 2013 - 8:13:10 PM

SANTA MONICAPlans to demolish one of the last remaining trailer parks in Santa Monica is underway.
A preview of the new development at the Village Trailer Park site. Photo courtesy of the City of Santa Monica.

Last week, city council approved a new development agreement for a new apartment building and retail venue, at the site of the Village Trailer Park at 2930 Colorado Avenue.

Built in 1951, Village Trailer Park is one of two remaining trailer parks in the city of Santa Monica, but under the new development agreement, the lot will soon be home to a 377 unit apartment complex.

City officials hope that the new apartments will be more affordable than previous developments and attract workers and families who commute to the area for work, in order to cut down on city traffic.

An earlier plan entailed constructing 216 condominiums on-site but was rejected. Councilwoman Gleam Davis said negotiations had been reopened because the new plan contains all-rental properties that are more affordable.

The new apartment complex will contain 38 deed-restricted units aimed at housing low-income residents and 99 rent-controlled units that adhere to current market rates.

However, the new development agreement was met with some resistance. Last Tuesday's vote was approved 4-3 and still requires a second vote before construction can officially start.

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