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7UP Maker Sued For False Product Branding
By Damian Kelly
Nov 17, 2012 - 7:53:04 PM

Cherry 7UP with Antioxidants. Photo courtesy of Soda Head
SHERMAN OAKS—On Thursday, November 8, The Centre for Science in the Public Interest filed a lawsuit against Dr. Pepper Snapple Group alleging the company misled consumers over the type of antioxidants in its 7UP drink products.

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of a resident from Sherman Oaks, claims various fruit images on the 7UP labels give the impression the antioxidants come from a fruit source.  But according to the plaintiffs, the only antioxidant in the product comes from added vitamin E.

According to the non-profit’s website, the products in question are the 7UP regular and diet Cherry Antioxidant, Mixed Berry Antioxidant and Pomegranate Antioxidant varieties.  7UP’s website promotes the cherry flavor with this catchphrase: “There’s never been a more delicious way to cherry pick your antioxidant!”

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has criticized the lawsuit stating it is “another attempt by the food police at CSPI to mislead consumers about soft drinks.”  The group also added “7UP Cherry is properly labeled under all Food & Drug Administration regulations so that consumers can make an informed choice.”  The group also added a new version of 7UP Cherry will be on sale in February 2013 that will not contain antioxidants.

This is not the first time a soda company has gotten in legal trouble as the Coca-Cola Company was called out by the FDA over its Diet Coke Plus Drink in 2008.  Coca-Cola had branded one of its drinks “Diet Coke with Vitamins & Minerals.”  The FDA said it did not “consider it appropriate to fortify snack foods such as carbonated beverages.”

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