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Blaze In Sherman Oaks Burns Two Firefighters
By Sebastian Sarti
May 11, 2013 - 4:53:34 PM

SHERMAN OAKSA house in Sherman Oaks caught fire on Saturday , May 4 and in an effort to tame the flames, three firefighters were captured and two injured.


Robert Greene, a neighbor to the burning house, reported it to authorities. The fire was reported to authorities at approximately 12:02 a.m. It lasted for close to 90 minutes. There were no residents present at the time of the fire since the homeowner was out of town.


The fire took place on Sumac Drive, which is off of Beverly Glen Boulevard. The road is winding and hilly, therefore, delayed firefighters from arriving as quickly as possible. This allowed the fire to grow greatly before they had begun fighting it.


During the fire, firefighters entered the three-story home in order to put out the blaze but once the fire’s danger was fully analyzed, they fought it only from the exterior. Three firefighters were trapped within the building including a fire captain.


Two firefighters, one of which was a fire captain, were injured during the blaze. The fire captain was in serious but stable condition while the other firefighter was said to be in fair condition. Both firefighters were released Saturday afternoon. 


It took more than a hundred firefighters to kill the blaze in the ninety minute period. Currently, the cause of the fire is unknown and being investigated.

Photo courtesy of LAFD.

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