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Council Orders Review Of Chabad House Project
By Damian Kelly
Jun 1, 2012 - 4:02:44 PM

SHERMAN OAKS—On Tuesday, May 29, the Los Angeles City Council voted to disapprove the Chabad House, a project they had previously approved.  Reports indicate a new review of the proposed 12,000 square foot building was ordered after Councilman Paul Koretz said the City Attorney’s Office advised the city to set aside its earlier approval of the synagogue based on recent court rulings.  The project was OK’d when L.A. City Councilman Jack Weiss was in office.

The Chabad House construction site. Photo courtesy of the Asian Conservatives Website
Construction on the project at 13079 Chandler Blvd. has continued in spite of courts ruling against it and is near completion.  Ben Reznik, the attorney for Chabad House has claimed the institution has valid building and construction permits allowing it do the work.

The project has been sent back to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee for review.  A procedural fix is possibly in the cards for the Chabad House, which won’t require the developers to start the entire approval process from the beginning.

Rabbi Aaron Abend of Chabad House said he supports the council action and looks forward to resolving the problems that were found with the project.

Noel Weiss, attorney for residents who have protested the projects size, believes otherwise saying it was an issue of L.A. following its own rules for developments.  Weiss said it was a land-use issue and that the city shouldn’t allow anyone to cheat the system.  Residents opposed to the project have also complained the building now includes a rooftop terrace, a basketball court and playground.


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