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Dolby Atmos To Be Released in 20 Theaters
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Jun 7, 2012 - 12:07:38 PM

SHERMAN OAKS—Dolby Laboratories announced on Wednesday, June 6 the first 20 theaters around the world, six of which will be in California, that will feature its new sound system, Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is said to provide a more natural and realistic sound that will allow audiences to lose themselves in a movie like never before.
"It also offers content creators unprecedented control of the placement and movement of sound within the movie theater leading to powerful storytelling," Dolby said in an announcement.
Photo courtesy of Dolby Laboratories' official website.

Dolby released a statement indicating Disney/Pixar's "Brave" will be the first movie to be offered to the public with the use of the Dolby Atmos sound system. The specific theaters that will be the first to provide the new technology to the public will be officially announced in mid-June.

"[It] enables you to give the illusion of there being an infinite number of channels throughout the hemisphere, all the way around you and all above your head," Vice President Ioan Allen said in a promotional video on the company's website. "Not every film will have very much to say, probably, above your head, but the very fact that we can put a sound anywhere in that hemisphere is a very exciting breakthrough."

Of the first 20 theaters to have Dolby Atmos, the six that will be in California are ArcLight Sherman Oaks, AMC Burbanl 16, AMC Century City 15, Century at Pacific Commons and XD in Fremont, The Dolby Theater in Hollywood and AMC Van Ness 14 in San Francisco.

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