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Chamber Of Commerce Hosts Mix & Mingle
By Alex Mazariegos
Jun 24, 2013 - 2:02:04 PM

The Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce
SHERMAN OAKS—On Tuesday, June 25, the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce will host its monthly Mix & Mingle at the Robin Hood British Pub on 13640 Burbank Boulevard. The evening mixer provides an informal opportunity to network with local businesses and members of the Chamber of Chamber while welcoming prospective members.


The Chamber of Commerce holds its Mix & Mingle events on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 pm. The events promote and highlight different local restaurants each month as well as attempting to garner a stronger business network in the Sherman Oaks area. In its member application, the Chamber states that it is “committed to providing and facilitating major support to all of its members through the promotion of economic development and enhanced awareness of issues directly related to the rapid growth in area businesses and local commerce.”


Prospective members can expect to join the Chamber by opting for a membership package. The lowest cost package charges $200 for an annual chamber membership for a non-profit business. The highest cost package charges $895 for the “Networking Monster Membership Package,” which includes “membership dues, activation fee, one Ticket Networking Event per month, two tickets to Holiday Party, two tickets to Installation Dinner, and recognition in President's circle.” Other packages target marketing and new businesses.


Those interested in joining the event can register online at www.shermanoakschamber.orgor by phone at (818) 906-1951. The event has an admission fee of $15, which includes appetizers. For news on other events, including but not limited to the monthly Mix & Mingle, visit the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce website.

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