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Ventura Blvd. Scheduled For Improvements
By Alex Mazariegos
Aug 13, 2013 - 4:01:15 PM

Ventura Boulevard.

SHERMAN OAKS—Residents of Sherman Oaks can now look forward to more infrastructure maintenance as Ventura Boulevard undergoes aesthetic and structural reinforcement changes that began on August 10 and will extend at least two weeks later.


Councilmember Tom LaBonge announced the project on August 8 along with the Bureau of Street Services and other organizations, including the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council and the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association. The extensive program will provide fixes to Ventura Boulevard between the I-405 and Van Nuys Boulevard.


"With Operation Street-Lift, all services are being provided to Ventura Boulevard in tandem so as to minimize impacts to the neighborhood. While there may be some minor inconveniences, Sherman Oaks is getting a better street," councilmember LaBonge said.


The boulevard is scheduled for tree trimming, concrete bus pad replacements, new asphalt and street resurfacing. LaBonge's office states that thus far 219 trees on Ventura Boulevard have been trimmed, and a further 35 will be planted during the last phase of the project. Metro concrete bus pads have been reinforced in hopes of prolonging street value, and damaged gutters have also been renovated.


Street resurfacing began on Saturday, August 10. For a period of two weeks, parking restrictions will be in place; vehicles may not park on the street from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Street work will also be limited to nighttime only, in order to minimize interference with businesses.


Those interested in more information on the maintenance program should visit councilmember Tom LaBonge's website at

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