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Committee Meets With Marijuana Businesses
By Alex Mazariegos
Aug 21, 2013 - 3:42:06 PM

Storefront of Perennial Holistic Wellness Center

STUDIO CITY—Members of the Studio City Neighborhood Council met with delegates from local medical marijuana businesses in a recent discussion on pressing concerns as the city deals with the aftermath of Proposition D, the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Taxation measure.


On Wednesday, August 14, the Land Use Committee hosted a meeting with several MMBs in attendance. Though a significant number of medical marijuana dispensaries attended the meeting, nearly half accounted for in Studio City were not present; around 15 MMBs are estimated in the city.


The issue in question dealt with the proliferation of medical marijuana businesses along Ventura Boulevard. Committee members and attendees noted that too many MMBs are located on the boulevard, and according to city leaders, the community is witness to a significant number of dispensaries, with many not in compliance with Proposition D.


The regulatory measure passed in Los Angeles in May 2013 with 62.6 percent of voter approval, though its implementation is proving to be sluggish. The question the measure asked was whether the city should regulate the number of medical marijuana businesses, proposing a cap at no more than 135.


Proposition D regulates by simultaneously banning MMBs and granting immunity to already established centers in operation since September 2007. Those immune businesses, however, must be previously registered with the city and must continue to abide by operational standards and other requirements. The measure also keeps these businesses away from schools, parks, churches and residential neighborhoods.


Though Proposition D took effect on June 20, the measure has thus far done little to impede non-compliant MMBs since businesses have 180 days to close shop or relocate. “As a result of this conscientious oversight, some of the dispensaries which have caused the most grief have closed their doors and/or relocated out of Studio City,” said Sam Humeid, whose Perennial Holistic Wellness Center is immune to Proposition D. “However, even with the passing of measure D, many rogue operators have held steadfast and continue to operate in blatant violation of the voter mandated law,” he added.


Members of the Land Use Committee hope to help in keeping up the regulatory measure, and as an example of their commitment, a motion to allocate funds to enforce Proposition D was approved by the committee. This action, however, is merely the beginning on the council's agenda. Further discussions will see the Studio City Neighborhood Council attempt to address the issue at hand.

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