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Cyrus Intruder Receives Jail Time
By Cassie Day
Oct 18, 2012 - 7:28:06 AM

Jason Luis Rivera.
STUDIO CITY—Friday, October 12, a 911-phone call was made for trespassing at the home of actress Miley Cyrus. Police responded to the phone call arriving at the home finding lit candles outside and a man hiding in the bushes on the property.


The prowler has been identified as 40-year-old Jason Luis Rivera who demanded he was a friend of Cyrus’ and wanted to see her. Cyrus was not at home when the event took place.


Rivera was arrested for trespassing and refusing arrest. Police used a taser gun on him in order to apprehend the suspect. 


Rivera denied probation and was sentenced last Friday for his maximum sentence of eighteen months in jail. Rivera has visited Cyrus’ home on the 11500 block of Amanda Drive before, where he was caught inside her home carrying scissors. He was taken into custody back in September.


Authorities have urged that Cyrus getting a restraining order from Rivera, as he has trespassing charges not only in California, but also in Texas.

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