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Eric Garcetti 'Ask Me Anything' Online
By Camille Sarabia
Jun 19, 2013 - 11:38:24 PM

STUDIO CITY—Eric Garcetti will be the future mayor of Los Angeles and he’s already taking things differently by hosting a town meeting online. 


Garcetti will be taking office on July 1, 2013. He provided a city wide “listening tour” on Thursday, June 20, via an Internet city hall meeting on  The tour will be at 7 p.m. and Garcetti will be open to answering any questions about the city, about what he plans for the future and much more asked through a conversation thread. 

Eric Garcetti "Ask Me Anything."


He has supported the expansion of the Los Angeles Police Department to minimize crime, has strong environmental issues to clean the city’s waterways, he has traveled to various countries to initiate Sister City programs with Los Angeles and helped create a $100 million housing trust fund. 


The forum has already started to heat up with questions for Garcetti to respond to.  The way it works is one person makes a comment about what they want reformed or enacted and other people will either agree or disagree.  Then another topic is brought up and the process begins again. is a social news and entertainment site that allows users to post text or links.  Other people can then rate, up or down, the submissions that are entered. Garcetti plans to use this site for his meeting.  He will be able to see what topics the Los Angeles citizens deem most important and will address those topics. 


This statement is currently on the top:


Make Lincoln Boulevard a livable/complete street with light rail. This will foment Silicon Beach's presence in LA. walkability along Lincoln Boulevard will create more business and residential density along the corridor and therefore jobs. Bike lanes along Lincoln Boulevard should connect with Ballona Creek Bike Trail for added alternative routes for bicycle commuters. Fund it privately as well as accept donations from the public. I'll put in $1000 to start. Go!”


Some of the comments to this suggestion are “Yes this is a great idea! This should be the next light rail line Metro plans. It can go from LAX up Lincoln Boulevard all the way to Santa Monica where the Expo Line will end. So many businesses, universities, and apartments in this area would benefit” or “This is a fantastic idea. We need more north-south rail in general and Lincoln would be a great place to start. The surrounding community is full of walkable areas, and Lincoln would be prime breeding ground for more business development if only it weren't so pedestrian-unfriendly.”


Issues include: curbing drunk driving by opening up the Metro, focusing on the STEM components of our education system and tax incentives.

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