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New Banquet Hall For Studio City
By Melissa Simon
Jul 23, 2013 - 2:59:51 PM

STUDIO CITY—The Land Use Committee has approved a request for a new banquet hall and construction will soon be underway.

Location of new banquet hall
Sam Gezalyan, a local developer, went to the committee requesting a change of land use for 11150 Ventura Boulevard.

“You are not changing the zoning because it’s already commercial,” Gezalyan told Canyon News. “You have a nice commercial site that can be used for a better purpose.”

The banquet hall, which is preliminarily known as The Crystal, will serve the community for business or social gatherings like weddings, galas and all kinds of celebrations, Gezalyan told Canyon News.   

Gezalyan also mentioned that the new banquet hall is going to significantly improve the curb appeal of the area.

“We are going to transform this into a landmark that will improve the overall appeal of that section of Ventura Boulevard,” he said. 

A construction start date has not yet been set at this time.

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