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Marijuana Dispensaries Allowed In Studio City
By Nashfa Hawwa
Jul 21, 2013 - 7:29:15 AM

—Nine marijuana dispensaries have been allowed to remain open in the area following the voter approved Proposition D.


These dispensaries are among the 135 marijuana dispensaries permitted to remain in Los Angeles.


Proposition D called for a reduction in the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. Sixty-three percent of the voters approved the proposition, which called to regulate and tax medical marijuana dispensaries, in May.


Proposition D reflects the long-standing conflict amongst voters regarding how to regulate marijuana dispensaries. In 2007, there were roughly more than 185 dispensaries, and by 2009, there were more than 600 marijuana dispensaries in operation.


In 2012, all marijuana dispensaries were banned, only to be repealed due to widespread opposition. Voters were then given three options: to raise taxes without limiting the growth; restrict the number of dispensaries without taxation; or levy both restriction measures and increase taxes.


The majority of the voters approved the limit and tax option. The 135 stores that are permitted to remain open are the ones that were registered prior 2007, as well as prior to the ban in 2012. The dispensaries cannot remain within 600 feet of a school or park, or another marijuana dispensary.


Below is a list of dispensaries that are allowed to remain open in the area:


Alternative Medicine Group, 10964 Ventura, 91604


Buds and Roses Collective, 13235 Ventura, 91604


Compassionate Care of Studio City, 11314 Ventura, 91604


The Green Easy, 3441 Cahuenga, 90068


Holistic Care of Studio, 12406 Ventura, 91604


Studio City Caregivers, 3625 Cahuenga, 90068


Perennial Holistic Wellness Center, Inc., 11706 Ventura, 91604


Universal Herbal Center, 3177 Cahuenga, 90068


The Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary, 12021 Ventura, 91604


California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996.

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