Studio City News
Obscene Ads In Studio City And Burbank
By Cassie Day
Oct 8, 2012 - 2:38:36 PM

STUDIO CITY—A mobile advertising company has been making a lot of disruptions in nearby Los Angeles cities for its inappropriate signs stating, “Topless Maids 818-666-HUGE.” The bright pink van had been impounded last May of this year for having been illegally parked on Laurel Canyon Boulevard near the company's building in Studio City.
Sammi Ammari. Photo courtesy N.Y. Daily News.

The van is promoting a business offering one hour massages, manicures and topless maid services.

Because of the residents’ displeasure with the van’s obscene advertisements and the impounding of his vehicle, business owner Sami Ammari decided to park his van elsewhere. This past week it has been spotted in Burbank causing the city and its conservative residents to be very upset.

Ammari has few options of where he can park his van due to Los Angeles’ ban on mobile ads parked on city streets in many neighboring cities. He feels that his first amendment rights are being violated, while the cities of Studio City and Burbank are feeling embarrassed and disturbed.

Ammari is currently suing the city of Los Angeles because of the ban on mobile ad limitations.

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